Hello metal industry professionals and enthusiasts!

We, ZEVERT-STEEL, strive to fulfill our commitment to the environment, to sustainably conduct metal supply and distribution business. We understand, acknowledge and know that the metal industry has an important role in our economy, touching the environmental context. Therefore, we try to act responsibly and simultaneously deliver the highest quality metal products to consumers and customers.

Every step we take is a step towards our goal of ethical, sustainable metal supply and distribution. By cooperating with us, you not only receive the highest quality metal products, but also contribute to the overall achievement of sustainability goals. We know that the future depends on our actions today, so we aim to lead by example and create an ongoing culture of sustainability in the metal industry.


Sustainable Supply 🌱

We work with green-minded manufacturers and supply chain partners who are characterized by responsible actions and sustainable long-term professional practices. This ensures that the supplied metal products and supplied metal products are not only of high quality, but also manufactured according to the highest ecological standards.

Recycling and Renewable Sources ♻️

We encourage recycling and use renewable sources whenever possible. We take long-term environmental goals into account and support the "closed loop" principle to reduce gas, waste and land use.

Green Technologies 🌍

In our activities, we use advanced technologies that help reduce energy consumption and emissions. Automation, energy efficiency and innovation are our path to a sustainable future.

Transparency of Product Origins 🔍

We are committed to transparency regarding the origin of our metal products. This is important not only for our customers, but also for the protection of the environment. We strive to monitor and track our supply chain to ensure that our products meet high sustainability standards.

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