About us

ZEVERT-STEEL was established in 2023. The founders and their team, consisting of long-term professionals, have more than 25 years of experience in sales of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The accumulated knowledge is used for the benefit of customers, we advise and share our experience. We always try to be competitive in terms of prices, logistics and delivery times.

We constantly raise the qualifications of our professional field, visit and participate in European and World metallurgy and related exhibitions and trainings.

Moto- cooperation proves the value of experience and respect for the customer.


Quality and sustainability

To focus all efforts on high-quality products and services, ensuring the long-term value of customer satisfaction and reliability. Develop environmental and sustainability practices, promoting the use of renewable energy and minimal environmental impact.


To encourage creativity and continuous improvement in order to offer unique and effective solutions.

Trust and service

To act honestly, keeping promises and building trust towards both customers and partners. To provide professional customer service, taking into account their needs and providing technical advice and support.



Quality and Innovation

Constantly strive for the highest product quality and offer innovative metal products and solutions that meet customer requirements and exceed their expectations.

Sustainability and Environmental care

Promote sustainable metal use, use of renewable energy and reduce environmental impact. Commit to act responsibly and contribute to ecological well-being.

Customer Satisfaction

Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by providing professional service, technical advice and prompt delivery. Actively listen to customers' opinions and strive for their loyalty.

Proper Supply Chain Management

Ensure efficient supply and storage in order to deliver fast and reliable metal products to customers and reduce operational costs.

Partnerships and Relations

Develop strong partnerships with manufacturers, supply chain participants and customers. Actively collaborate with industry players and participate in industry events.



Andrius Zevertas


Tel. nr.: +370 683 06655
Email: andrius@zevert-steel.lt 

Evelina Zevertienė

Deputy director

Tel. nr.: +370 688 02034
Email: info@zevert-steel.lt

Regimantas Bacevičius

Project manager

Tel. nr.: +370 656 33851
Email: project@zevert-steel.lt

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